How To Get More Views On Instagram?

How To Get More Views On Instagram

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Getting more views on their social media is that which everybody wants. But how can you get more views on your posts on Instagram?

Instagram is becoming one of the most used social media platforms in the world as it has currently 40% of the world’s active social media traffic, which means that more and more people are using it now. But many of them have a common question about why they don’t have many views on their Instagram handle. Here we will give you some valuable tips to increase views on your Instagram handle.

Post Consistently

Posting and updating your Instagram feed is a very simple yet effective way to increase people’s engagement in your Instagram feeds. People love to see something new every day from their favorite influencers, and they’re loved. It is one of the best ways to engage with more people on your Instagram handle. It is not necessary to post daily. You can make a schedule to update your feed and quickly follow them.

Use High-Quality Contents

It is the most crucial step to follow to create more effective Instagram feeds. People love to visit profiles that post high-quality photos and videos along with high-quality content. Do this to engage more and more people in your feeds. If you have poor quality content, why will people continue to visit your feeds? Therefore, creating engaging and quality content is the key to taking more people to your feeds as it creates a positive image of yours in your follower’s minds. To retain your followers, deliver consistently, and people searching for better content will view your profile and follow you.


Use Hashtags

Hashtags are also another way to drive more traffic to your Instagram feeds. Hashtags act as a keyword for specific things. You must select some trending Hashtags that relate to your posts and use them. Hashtags represent various important campaigns, places, brands, things, events, etc. You can find hashtags in almost each and everything that is happening on social media since people love to see posts related to some trending hashtags. You have to use some hashtags in your posts that are trending and that suit your post to get more and more views on your posts and your feeds.


Use Location Tags

Locations are also an essential feature of Instagram that pin the place from where you are posting your pictures and videos. Adding locations not only benefits your audience to reach you, but it can also help you to get more and more views in your feeds. You can add locations of various common and popular places that are commonly searched for by multiple people. It creates the chance for you to show your posts and videos to more audiences. It also helps various business owners who want to mark their online presence on Instagram. They can use location tags in their posts by which anyone willing to purchase their products can easily find their shop locally.


Create Shareable Content

Creating various fun, engaging, and informative content that people love to share with their friends and family also increases the views on your Instagram posts. When people see something interesting or informative, the first thing that comes to their mind is to share them. You can expand your reach and gain more followers if people share your content as it creates a sense of trust in your audience’s minds, and also it makes sense of confidence in those minds with whom your audiences shared your content.


Utilizing Engagement Features

Recently Instagram introduced various engaging features for their stories and posts. You can take advantage of these features to interact and engage with your audiences and quickly understand what they want. You can make various pool questions, add some (ask a question) tasks, and create a timer for your next post or video in your stories and timelines. It creates a sensation in the audience. They can also regularly participate in your opinion pools, and as a result, you can gain more views and likes on your posts.


Go Live on Exclusive Events

Going Live is a most effective and very interpersonal way to interact with your fellow audience as they can directly engage with you and ask their questions and get answers instantly. Instagram Live is about showing un-polished and un-edited parts of yourself or your business. People love to watch your raw side that describes who you are actually about. Instagram Live allows you to be more transparent, liberal, and authentic with your followers, which leads to creating an uninterrupted and more trustworthy relationship with your Instagram family. Here are some more interesting things that you can do on your Instagram when you go Live:

  • Use your Live to spread awareness about events and campaigns.
  • You can use your Live to promote your brands and business.
  • You can also introduce new products and services to your audience.
  • You can also use your Live to circulate important news instantly to a vast number of audiences.


Make Reels on Trending Topics

Instagram reels have a high number of active users and watch time as they become the most-watched short videos than any other apps. This shows that Instagram Reels have a high potential to make you shine; they have a high potential for your growth. You can generate more views and followers and increase traffic on your profile by making reels on various trending topics. Reels can be spread more frequently than any posts.



These are some tips that many people use to increase their presence on Instagram. You can also increase your presence and boost views on your posts and videos by following these simple tips and instructions, which can drive more traffic to your profile.