Gain More Views with Instagram Live


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Instagram is renowned as a social media platform to share moments of your life. However, it is mostly through photos or videos. But with new updates and the latest features, Instagram has evolved with the times to produce Instagram Live. How has this unique feature been helpful to users? Instagram Live has become quite popular in recent years. It’s pretty useful for follower engagement, promotion of businesses, and even expanding your followers’ count. Read on to learn more about Instagram Live.

Instagram Live

It is an authentic medium to connect with your followers. It’s different from the Stories as it isn’t pre-recorded and allows you to communicate with your followers accordingly. This is an excellent way to connect within your business community and show the face of your brand, making it seem altruistic. Instagram Live lets the followers pitch in by adding their comments or questions in real-time, making it an interactive platform. This is beneficial for creating a bond between your brand and potential customers. It also draws in more followers for the user.

How Do We Get More Viewers?

  • Inform your followers about your Live by promoting them in advance. Use Instagram Stories for this.
  • Use the interactive features on Instagram Live
  • Practice a Live session before the broadcast, so you don’t fumble later.

How to host a good Instagram Live?

  1. Tease your Live in advance

When you plan a Live, it sets up a timeframe for the user and followers. It is a way of forming a virtual event in the form of an Instagram Live. When you schedule a Live, it allows you to post countdowns related to it on your Instagram Stories. This preliminary information is inclusive toward your followers and makes it more likely for them to watch the broadcast. This also anticipates the build-up towards your Instagram Live and makes viewers look forward to it. Thus they may plan to set a reminder for themselves as well.

1.Go Live when Instagram is most active.

You are likely to gain more viewers for your Instagram Live if you host them when the Instagram audience is most active. This is easier said than done since we can’t predict the traffic on Instagram. But it can be rectified by checking out your Instagram Insights. Look at the Audience tab, and you will notice when your followers are more likely to log into Instagram. This is helpful for businesses to keep track of their consumers’ online activities and can be used to form good marketing strategies. Apart from that, it can also be used for future reference when posting.

2. Plan your Live

Planning involves having a time frame and appropriate content to cover within that time frame. While it is helpful to centre the Live on the audience, keep in mind the aim of hosting a Live. Start with an introduction, move on to the main reason for the Live, and end the Live with a proper conclusion. Be prepared for any “worst-case scenarios”. Don’t rely entirely on the viewers to communicate with you. This reduces the awkwardness that may seep into the Live when there is silence.

3.Location and Lighting are key

A good backdrop impacts your Live in many ways. It provides a professional setting while seeming comfortable. It displays the transparency between the user and their followers. For brands, it may support the aesthetic of their products or the owners. The background you use will reflect on you as a person to the audience. It sets the mood for them. For Lighting, natural light is the best option. It shows the users genuinely and may be more welcoming to the viewers.

4.Remember your business goals.

This is the most applicable for the brands on Instagram. Remember to keep the Live professional but friendly when planning an Instagram Live to boost your business. Please focus on the main reason for the Live: launching a new product, getting customer feedback, or increasing sales for the current product. 

When you have a goal to focus on, building your Live content around it is easier. This is also helpful when planning for your Instagram Live.  

5.Q&A sessions are good bonding material

Q&A sessions on Instagram Live are a good way of getting feedback from consumers. Keep a limited timeframe and ensure the questions are reasonable and valid. This keeps the Live exciting and interactive. Also, remember to keep the questions based on a particular concept or a context in general.

6.Collaborate with others

This is one easy way to increase your followers and get more views with Instagram Live. When you collaborate with others, it not only promotes your brand to a different and broader audience but also combines two varieties of audiences. These collaborations are usually beneficial to both parties.

7.Save your Instagram Live to IGTV for later

Saving your Instagram Live on IGTV is similar to uploading videos on YouTube. You can add links to the description of the Live, change the cover photo of the Live and write a caption for the IGTV video. When given a choice, an IGTV video is often connected to one’s feed. This provides maximum viewership for your followers, especially those who missed the Live.But there is a disadvantage. The interactions that take place in the Live are removed in the IGTV replay. The viewers will be unable to see the comments, likes, and other interactions during the Live. So, ensure to interact in a way that will involve the IGTV viewers.

8.Buy Instagram views

Many people buy Instagram views and This is a strategic move for many businesses. There is an assortment of packages that provide viewers for Instagram Live. These packages are made to procure real Live views for the user. So, while people may participate in viewing the Live, they may not necessarily be engaging with the user.

9.Live from a Live Event

The most excellent opportunity presents itself to you as an event. Streaming an Instagram Live during a Live event is a perfect way to hype your followers around your brand. This is also a good strategy for future events.These were a few ways to use Instagram Live to attain more views. While most of these are pretty simple, don’t hesitate to buy viewers. This is an excellent way to boost your brand and enhance your Instagram profile.