How to Build a Massive Following on Instagram?

How to Build a Massive Following on Instagram

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Following 7 Steps Build Massive Fan Following On Instagram

In today’s world, your Instagram account is like your territory or your empire. If not handled properly, the empire that you built with so much effort and pain would get demolished into pieces. So, if you don’t want your Instagram account to end up being a dead account, it would be best if you keep up your interaction with your Instagram followers to get more and more followers to get on a massive track of followers. This article is all about the tips and tricks and the strategies that you can use to garner more and more Instagram followers.


Get more Instagram Followers

There are many tried and tested methods used by popular Instagram influencers to increase their Instagram followers and keep them engaged through their content. So here is a list of those tips and how you can follow them to grow the engagement, not your audience, and even grow them.


1.Maintain the feeling of attachment with your audience

Knowing your audience is a significant part of being an Instagram influencer. Your audience is what makes you, so if you understand why they watch you or why they follow you, only then you can create content that is approved by the majority of the audience and even grow your audience. Instagram provides you analytics, using which you can see who your Instagram followers are, their area, range, age group, and gender. You will know who likes what, so you can provide diversified content to please them. The more the likes and views you get, the more it will help give your content a greater reach and even more followers.


2.Post interactive content by incorporating Reels

Your content is the main reason your audience follows you. So, keeping the interest of your Instagram followers must be your primary concern. Try to make your content more engaging and interactive with reels. These are fun videos that you can make to curate your audience and grow them. Reels give more exposure to a content creator, thus amassing your popularity and increasing your followers. Audience interaction on reels proves best and makes you fetch more likes and eventually more followers. It’s a win-win situation; your audience gets the content they want, and you get the love, support, likes, and followers.


3.Use Instagram Ads

You can pay for sponsored posts or ads for showing on Instagram with your provided video through which people can get to know you. Grab the attention in the first 5 seconds, keep them on hold till the last second, and make them feel like it’s not an ad but the best content they are watching. This will force them to click on your Instagram profile and check your original content. This can help build up your reach and garner many Instagram Followers.


4.Organize your profile grid

Much of the new audience you build won’t follow you for your past content but would rather be interested in knowing what new and exciting content you have on your mind to post in the future. Having a proper and consistent schedule and theme curated with the audience’s demands and likes is the best way to impact people’s minds. Even a small and cool pattern of posts and reels will attract a new audience and hence new and more Instagram Followers to your account. Curate your bio and last posts as they would prove to be your first impression of yours on the Instagram audience. This properly curated feed of yours will act as a billboard to attract Instagram followers that visit your account.


5.Create highlights for new followers

Instagram story highlights are an easy way to provide information and insights about your account and your content to any new Instagram follower that is checking your account for the first time. You can organize these highlights as per your wish. So it is best to manage them in such a way that is engaging and interesting. Keep highlight covers pleasing, catchy or informative so that the new follower can better understand and have a reason to follow your account.


6.Use Instagram Live

Instagram Live can prove to be the key to your growth. This is because many people prefer watching and engaging with their idols or creators that they follow on a live platform. This will make the audience believe you care for their enjoyment, and you can use this live as an opportunity to interact with your followers. You can collaborate with other influencers on life or host an AMA (ask me anything) session or show the behind-the-scenes of your next project anything that’s up to your creativity. Engage with your followers, and it will help you increase your Instagram followers as people will get to know you as someone who cares about their followers.


7.Use Proper Hashtags

Engaging your audience with your content is your main motto on Instagram to increase your Instagram followers. So, while posting any reel or post, you must have the right idea of hashtags, as these can significantly impact your content recommendation to others. Using proper hashtags will make it easier for your content to get recommended to the people searching for that specific thing on Instagram. Always use relevant hashtags, which will provide great reach to your content, thus proving a major boost for your Instagram followers. Keep in mind the top trending hashtags on Instagram, and you can make your content around these hashtags if you want. It will help you to reach new users and be discovered by the Instagram algorithm.



These are some of the most effective and efficient ways to amass a massive number of Instagram Followers. The better the way through which you do it, the better the results that you will see. Focus on engagement and interaction; this will eventually help you build up your audience while keeping a connection with them. These tips and tricks will help you strategize how to increase and build massive Instagram followers.