about infinpixels
we love what we do


Infinpixels is a full-service web design and seo company with an emphasis on passion. We aren’t a web design company that does SEO on the side. Neither are we an SEO company who can also do web design. These two fields only work well when you put them together. Yes, we create beautiful websites, but what good would they be if nobody ever saw them? At the same time, what good would it be to have lots of people find your site on Google if it left them all underwhelmed? We make it our business to ensure that web design and SEO work together, creating beautiful sites that rank well. It’s a business we’re very passionate about. We think websites should be beautiful. We also think they should be practical, and designed for the user as well as for your company. This makes sure that every visitor to your page is impressed not only by what they see but by the great experience they get when using your site. Of course, just because we focus on the user it doesn’t mean we forget about you. Each page will bear the fingerprints of your unique brand identity, helping the users to identify with your company on a personal and emotional level. Our approach seems to be working. Our designs have been featured in well-known galleries and won prestigious accolades. These include AWWWARDS, the CSS Design Awards and CSSWINNER. When it comes to web design London is packed with options. Contact us if you want to hear more about our web design packages.