Web Design Moodboard – Le ziz

Posted by Ezgi Gunyel to Web Design on May 4th, 2014

To me, a new web design project means days filled with inspiring fonts, pictures, emotions, new combination of colours, late nights… After searching hours and hours I am finally happy with the moodboard I created for Le ziz. Le ziz is a newly opened restaurant in London, another London based beautiful business. Therefore this is a very exciting one for me. Anything related to food and cooking comes out always beautiful. It is so enjoyable to work with food. Endless possibilities of colour and beauty of the nature helps my creative brain really work!. I am really not good at cooking but I so want to design a recipe book just to play with the beautifully photographed food : ). So all food related web design projects, come to my way!

We will soon be launching Le ziz. In the meantime check out Cafe Route, another London based restaurant that I had so much fun creating their website and now it is in the process of re-creation. So lots of foodie projects are going on at InfinPixels which I can not be thankful enough…

Web Design moodboard for Le ziz by InfinPixels

Credits : Plate  /  Flower Illustration / Other images are unknown



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