Social Media Sizes – 2014

Posted by Ezgi Gunyel to SEO on April 29th, 2014

Fresh from the oven! Here is the updated Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet – 2014.

We all got the email from Twitter last week telling about their new design, right? I must say I really liked how it looks right now. More visual and more attractive! Check out how we freshen up our profile here – InfinPixels is on Twitter. I wasn’t really a big fan of Twitter until they added visuals to their home page. It looked like Wikipedia to me. Piles of content that my eyes are tired to read. Maybe there were some great tweets, discussions but I was missing it all! And now it looks just beautiful and easy to browse. You have the chance to say what you want to say with a visual. Try it! Include an image to your tweet today or write a short version of your tweet in to the image and see how many re-tweets, favorites you will get. But of-course use a quality, high res. image.

Check out this example. Those beautiful flowers from and the message on it got 7 retweets and 3 favorites! Not bad ha! I don’t think It could get more interaction without an image.

And now it’s time to get creative!  Click here to switch to the new Twitter and then use this colourful cheat sheet and create beautiful Twitter profiles and maybe freshen up others.  All of the necessary sizes are inside. No more guesswork! Don’t forget to share your profiles with us in the comments below. You will get a guaranteed follow, like and favorite : )…

Ps. Facebook also has a new look. But not everyone got it yet. The below sizes works on the old and the new Facebook business pages. So don’t worry and start using it.


Share it, love it, use it, embed it to your blog, website but please tell them that we ”InfinPixels” made it : ) . Scroll down for the embed code.

Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet - 2014 Edition 03 by Infinpixels

Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet – 2014 includes;

- Facebook : cover photo,  profile photo, shared image, shared link image, app size, highlighted post / milestones sizes.

- Twitter:  background, profile photo, shared image, cover photo sizes.

- Pinterest : pinned image, profile photo sizes.

- You Tube : profile picture, channel art sizes, HD and Full HD video image sizes.

- Google Plus : cover photo, profile photo, shared image sizes.

- Instagram : shared image size.




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