Typewriter Inspired Fonts

Posted by Ezgi Gunyel to Web Design on January 5th, 2014

If you are a big fan of typewriter fonts like me, I am pretty sure you will love those examples below. They are a super cool way for creating retro, vintage or rustic effect on any web design project. I recently used Centaur and Courier New for an e-commerce project of ours – Mis Candle Shop.


Here are some of the Typewriter fonts that I love. Scroll down for download links.



Font : Underwood Champion

This beautiful image is from Puur Anders. Check out her nature inspired, amazing works on her blog – Puur Anders.





Typewriter inspired fonts for web design

Follow the links to download each font;

RM Typerighter

USIS 1949


Hammer Keys

Traveling Typewriter

1942 Report


AFL Font Pespaye Nonmetric


Comment below if you want to share some inspiring typewriter fonts!

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