Why your website is not ranking for branded keywords!

Posted by Ezgi Gunyel to SEO on October 8th, 2013

Why is your site not ranking for branded keywords?

I often get emails from business owners asking for help on branded keywords. So I thought I can give some tips before its too late! There are many reasons why a website doesn’t even rank for its own unique brand name and Yes there are ways to improve, solve this problem. But I won’t share the technical solutions here or what you can do to improve. Because the problem is bigger than that! You don’t have a professionally coded website. I strongly believe that a website has to rank for its branded keywords! If not, you knocked wrong person’s door! Anything you try will only cost you more time and money.


Here are some suggestions that I strongly recommend you to think before knocking a web designer’s door.


- Yes, ready templates are cheaper options for new businesses wanting to have a shiny website but what if I tell you that %99 of the inquiries we get are from websites that has been created with those shiny templates. Please go to a professional! Go to a web designer who can design a website from scratch and has SEO knowledge.


- Web Design is the beginning of a successful SEO campaign. You may think that they are different practices but definitely NOT!  Use a company or an individual for both website design and SEO. Ask if they have ranked any sites, their web design process, if they will do SEO setup to your new site, what is the setup process, Is keyword research included or not, will they test your new site for HTML  errors/warnings…


and always keep this in mind ”A well designed/developed website has to rank for its own branded keywords without any additional work”. If not, you are on the wrong address!




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