Improve your e-commerce website with brilliant product photography

Posted by Ezgi Gunyel to Web Design on October 14th, 2013

You are ready to speared the word on the web and finally sell your beautiful products online. So you went to a web design company and gave them the photos you have taken with your smart phone. Ooops! Yes we all know that you need to keep the cost down to a minimum level. But even ”product photography”? No! Calm down, take a deep breath and read this post first.


- Product photography is the most important design aspect of any e-commerce design!

A website is not a physical shop. Your customers will not be able to touch, smell, feel your products. The only thing that they have is the photos.  The better, the nicer, the sharper your product photos look to customers, the more confident that they’ll feel about buying from you even if you are not selling pretty things like candles, jewellery… They will still want to see nice and sharp photos of the thing that they are about to buy.


- The images should work with the overall design of your e-commerce website. Every element on the site should match each other. So it’s not only about good photography, but also about design aesthetics.


- Make sure that they are not missing anything. Make sure that photos are in high resolution and customer can see all the details. So they can feel like holding it in their hand.


Check those beautiful examples…



Ecommerce web design product photography / free people



Ecommerce web design product photography // The Tupperware Lady



Ecommerce web design product photography // TUXESS


Great product photos answer most of the questions your potential customers may have in their mind while they are browsing your site, trying to make the decision. Give them what they want to see and boots your sales and grow your online business! It is that simple!


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