How to test your website in different screen resolutions / on mobile devices

Posted by Ezgi Gunyel to Web Design on April 16th, 2013


Here are 6 free tools enables you to check your website resolution.


Powerful Firefox simulator, great for big screen testing.


2. Ipad Peek

Good for mobile version ipad testing. It allows you to change the rotation.


3. Resolution Test

It’s a Google Chrome Extension. Useful for smaller screen resolution testing.


4. Screenfly
It allows you to see your website would look like on a various mobile devices, tablets, desktops and laptops. You can customize the screen size with no limitation.


5. Opera Mini Simulator
Real emulator from Opera.


6. BrowseEmAll
Great simulator for cross browser and mobile testing. Scrolling, rotating and zooming available for all major mobile devices.

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